Bluetooth speaker 

A BLUETOOTH LIGHTBULB!! How cool is this??! You can place these all over your home. Your device can be up to 33 feet away. They are only $12! Available at your local home improvement store


Remodeling a small kitchen? These tips should help….



Want to simplify your life and make things easier for you as you work, play and live…The following 9 products will do just that! By the way they are not in order of importance.

swiffer_house_cleaning_checklist The quick and easy way to clean your floor whether you use the wet cloths for tile or the dry cloths for hardwood.  This is one floor cleaning option no home should be without.

leather-wipesThese wipes provide great leather conditioning, a slight sheen and a lovely almond scent to be used on furniture in your home or your car’s  leather interior. A way to give your furnishings a quick clean and sheen.

vinegarPURCHASE BY THE GALLONS! countless uses. Here are a few: pour this on your wood cutting board after using to kill any microbes, use in place of your liquid fabric softener, ladies pour a cup in your bath water for soft skin and freshness, dilute to wipe down and shine stainless steel appliances, many people use it to clean mirrors (but I have a slightly better solution coming up), use in combination with baking soda as a scouring cleanser for cleaning your bathtub and other surfaces and also to clear clogged pipes.  I could go on and on, “google” the other 1000’s  of uses.

Baking-Soda-Category-heroAnother product with countless uses, purchase the large box and put in plastic containers around your home.  Front loading washing machines have a tendency to get musty and there are some products sold that are supposed to combat this problem but, using a scoop of Baking soda in every load in the prewash section should eliminate the need to purchase the more expensive option.  Use to brighten your teeth, again with vinegar as a paste to clean surfaces, unclog drains, mix with water to soak pesticide laden  & waxy fruits and vegetables, use in bath water to soften skin or soothe sunburns Again, “google” the other 1000’s of uses


method glass cleaner


vitamix-52001As we all strive to eat healthier.  A Vitamix Blender is a great ally for the challenge. Great for making veggie and fruit smoothies, with no “lumps and clumps”. You can make healthy fresh soups in minutes. You can even make your own “nut and or rice flours for cookies, pancakes, dough… If you are eating gluten free or just want healthier options.  I’ve seen on several forums people who have 20 plus year old machines.  You can pass this down to your children.


label makerA label maker, comes in all shapes and sizes, manufacturers…. No home should be without one. Even if your family won’t put things where they belong, having bins and other things labeled should be a reminder when you can’t be there.  Its a good way to keep things neatly identifiable and organized.


crock potA meal ready when you get home?  need I say more! The new Crock Pots have timers and settings  that will allow controlled cooking when you are away.  There are sites and cookbooks dedicated to delicious and simple recipes.  A must have especially during these winter months.


Clorox-Disinfecting-Wipes-Lemon-Fresh-ScentGreat for quick clean ups in the Bathroom & Kitchen, doorknobs and and other surfaces especially during cold and flu season.